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Updated November 11, 2021

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Junior Does For Sale

None available at this time

Senior Does for Sale

Dam: Fairland Farm BA Beijing 

Grand Sire: Kaapio Acres MH Banksia Ashbyi

 Great Grand Sire: Rosasharn Manuka Honey

Great Grand Dam: Kaapio Acres SF Tiger Lily

 Grand Dam: PGCH Fairland Farm HP China Doll

Great Grand Sire: CH/MCH Kaapio Acres HH Hanky Panky

 Great Grand Dam: Kaapio Acres RB Red Lucy

Fairland Farm MX Corona Virus

Born 2/12/2020


Show Record:

1st place - x1


Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Dott Matrix

Grand Sire: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn

Great Grand Sire: Old Mountain Farm InLike Quinn

Great Grand Dam: Old Mountain Farm Peris (08-03 87 VVVE)

Grand Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Undermine (3rd place/3rd udder yearling 2016 Nationals)

Great Grand Sire: CH Wood Bridge Farm Understated

Great Great Grand Sire:  CH Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind (05-11 88 VEE)

Great Great Grand Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm Belladonna (2014 & 2016 National Grand Champion) 

Great Grand Dam: CH Atwood Acres Dott  (2014 2nd place/1st udder 4 year old)

Great Great Grand Sire: Atwood Acres FT Fidget

Great Great Grand Dam: Atwood Acres GR Winnie 


Fairland Farm LC Fudge Ripple
born 3/9/2019


Show record:
No Shown yet

Sire: Fairland Farm MX Lorac

Grand Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Dott Matrix

Great Grand Sire: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn

Great Grand Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Undermine (3rd Place/3rd Udder Yearling 2016 ADGA Nationals)

Grand Dam: CH Fairland Farm AR Polyephemus 02-03 VVEV 88

Great Grand Sire: Little Tots Estate Acer Rubrum *B

Great Grand Dam: GCH Heritage Place M Cricket 06-01 VEEE 90
Dam: CH/PGCH Heritage Place T Nestle Quik 08-01 88 VVEV
D. Sire: Kaapio Acres RB Birrs Thunder
D. Dam: Kaapio Acres V Baby Pebbles


Fairland Farm L Alcatraz

born 2/4/2019


Show Record:

Grand Champion Junior Doe - x1


Sire: CH Fairland Farm S Lincoln

Grand Sire: Mint*Leaf Silverado

Great Grand Sire: Heart MT Genesis *B

Great Grand Dam: Mint*Leaf Domani

Grand Dam: Summer Haven Lexus

Great Grand Sire: CH Summer Haven Graham 02-03 88 VEE

Great Grand Dam: CH Planet*Eclipse Aries' Mercedes 05-02 90 VEEE 

Dam: Mint*Leaf Allie 

Grand Sire: Huricane-PM HSW Decadent *B

Great Grand Sire: Huricane-PM Sun Watcher *B

                                     Great Grand Dam: SG Huricane-PM EGB Sorbet 3*M (02-+05 91 EVVE)

Grand Dam: Mint*Leaf Havana

Great Grand Sire: Altrece Firefly Forrest

Great Grand Dam: Mint*Leaf Valencia  


Pets Wethers & Does for Sale

None available at this time
$175 each

Junior Bucks for Sale

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Senior Bucks For Sale

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